Vettel’s farewell song for Scuderia Ferrari F1

I have a surprise. hold on.

Thank you all
Thanks to the whole team.
You know that sometimes I like to sing.

So, I thought of singing one last time
a song for you. Hold on.

You’re the red team…

You’re passionate, you’ll never surrender. My stop is coming, I loved being with you. I felt your magic. An extraordinary feeling. Guys, I thank you, for having me. I will miss you. Greetings to all of you in Maranello. You deserve to be mentioned here. And now I’ll say goodbye and wish you, all the best, I wish you to be happy, but above all, to be healthy.

da da da
da da da.

Sebastian Vettel Exclusive Interview at Beyond the Grid

00:00 Welcome to F1 Beyond The Grid
02:30 Vettel on reaching 250 starts and how his attitude to F1 has changed in that time
08:05 Vettel reflects on his time at Ferrari and his future at Aston Martin
13:13 Vettel on how he and his priorities have changed since his GP debut
19:14 Vettel on what winning means to him, and how losing affects him
22:50 How Vettel spends his weekends off – including looking after his car and bike collection
27:00 Vettel on Mick Schumacher
29:40 Vettel on his passions outside F1 – including sustainable farming and the environment
40:00 Vettel on whether he has regrets about the life he’s chosen
42:30 Vettel on his long-term goals

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Honda pulls out from F1 at the end of season 2021

Honda dropped the bomb of the season. They are leaving the fun at the end of the season 2021.

Sad day for F1 season, only three engine manufacturers left:
1. Mercedes
2. Renault
3. Ferrari

Next we shall see what will Red Bull and Alpha Tauri do, as they don’t have engines anymore for season 2022.

Shall they leave the F1 also or beg for engines from current manufactures?