Sebastian Vettel Exclusive Interview at Beyond the Grid

00:00 Welcome to F1 Beyond The Grid
02:30 Vettel on reaching 250 starts and how his attitude to F1 has changed in that time
08:05 Vettel reflects on his time at Ferrari and his future at Aston Martin
13:13 Vettel on how he and his priorities have changed since his GP debut
19:14 Vettel on what winning means to him, and how losing affects him
22:50 How Vettel spends his weekends off – including looking after his car and bike collection
27:00 Vettel on Mick Schumacher
29:40 Vettel on his passions outside F1 – including sustainable farming and the environment
40:00 Vettel on whether he has regrets about the life he’s chosen
42:30 Vettel on his long-term goals

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