New interesting Car Performance Scores graphics for TV broadcasts at Formula 1 season 2020

Before this change Insights by AWS has brought six different types of new information:

  1. Pit Exit time
  2. Predicted Pit Stop Strategy
  3. Pit Window
  4. Battle Forecast
  5. Pit Strategy Battle
  6. Tire Performance

Now Insights by AWS brings Car Performance Scores information so it will be easier to see how car is balanced for the driven track. This data will combine information like wing data, power, grip, downforce, and drag.

This information will also show driver comparision against each other per corner speed.
This data will be available from the season opener Austrian GP in early July.
Really interesting stuff!

Formula 1 is going to bring at second half of the season three more new graphics:

  1. Drivers Skills Rating, this will combine information like Qualy, Race starts, Race pace, Tyre management & Overtaking+Defending styles
  2. Car or Team Development & Overall Season Performance
  3. Qualifying & Race Pace Prediction

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